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Popular Summer Flowers

Posted on July 4th, 2014 by Michelle Sarland

One of the best parts about the summer season are the beautiful flowers that begin to bloom, whether growing them in your own backyard or having them delivered to a family or friend. Whether opting for full hydrangeas or choosing classic Gloriosa daisies, there are several different types of flowers that celebrate the warm days ahead and make for attractive arrangements. For those looking to plant or purchase, there are a few that top the list on the most popular summer flowers to enjoy.

Russian Sage

This flower is appropriate for large gardens for a plant that is highly tolerable of the sun and can withstand high temperatures throughout the season. The purple shade of the flower makes it easy to fill in bare spots of a garden with a minimal amount of watering needed to keep them alive with the humidity that is often experienced in the summer.

Gloriosa Daisy

This yellow and brown flower is a cheerful addition to bouquets or in the yard for petals that have a blend of the two different colors. They can be difficult to grow without proper shade or cooler temperatures, but will brighten up a yard and are considered great for cut flowers. They're easy to care for and have brown to maroon centers with medium green foliage, depending on each flower. They are also known to bloom in the late summer and will continue to last into the mid-fall season.

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Popular Mother's Day Flowers

Posted on April 21st, 2014 by Michelle Sarland

Mother's Day symbolizes the day we all come together and celebrate the woman we call mother. Like every tradition, we celebrate one thing that remains the same in our lives, and that's the love for our mother. As the tradition shows, the one present that has remained at the top of the list is flowers.

Society of American Florists, Jenny Scala, said, "Mother's Day counts for a fourth of all floral sales for the holidays." Mother's Day follows Christmas as the second holiday in which floral sales soar. Valentine's Day comes in third, to give you an idea of the popularity of flower sales and holidays. With the convenience of flower delivery services, even if you live far from your mother you can still send her a beautiful arrangement of flowers and let her know you are thinking of her.

Have you ever looked around a flower shop only to be overwhelmed with all the choices you have. Wondering if your mom would like this flower or that flower, don't fret over this as I am going to list the most popular choices of flowers on Mother's Day.

The ever elegant rose is one of the most popular flowers and it’s a top choice for your mother on Mother's Day. Its timeless beauty never gets old. It's said that the rose was scared to the Greek goddess Isis, seen as an ideal mother. What better way than to honor your own mother than with the beauty of the rose. Red, pink, white and yellow are the most commonly purchased.

The next flower signifies the love between a mother and her children. The very fragrant lilac and the meaning behind them make this very popular choice, as well. The unmistakable rich purple color will brighten up any room.

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Iowa State Flower

Posted on April 13th, 2014 by Michelle Sarland

There are a few things that people should know about Iowa's state flower. This article will go into details about the flower, such as explaining where it can be found, what the flower is, some facts, as well as other information.

What Is Iowa's State Flower

Iowa's state flower is the Philadelphus lewisii, also known as the Syringa. The Syringa became the state flower back in 1931, and the name of the species (Lewisii) was named in honor of Meriwether Lewis, who was part of the Lewis & Clark expedition. Lewis's journal mentions the plant, as he wrote about it.

Syringa Facts

The Syringa can grow to be quite tall. In matter of fact, it can grow to up to 10-feet tall. It is a woody type of shrub that features white flowers. Native Americans actually used the Syringa for many things, with one of them using the wood to make items such as pipe stems and harpoon shafts. They also used the wood to make bows and arrows, and snowshoes were also created with the wood from the flower. Soap was made from the Syringa's bark and leaves. Native Americans even used the wood to create root digging sticks, and this is because of how strong and durable the wood of the shrub is.

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Kansas State Flower

Posted on March 11th, 2014 by Michelle Sarland

As the Kansas state flower, the sunflower actually plays a major role as a local symbol. The sunflower is an iconic plant, thanks to its expansive flower bulb and edible seeds. Many people will be interested in learning about the history of the flower and the role that it plays within the state.

Cultivation of the sunflower has become increasingly popular in the state of Kansas. Many people driving through the state have been fortunate enough to see how the flower transforms the landscape during spring and summer. This is part of the reason why the flower has come to play such an important role in the development of the state.

First, almost everyone will understand the impact that these sunflowers have had on the culinary world. These flowers have actually been cultivated for centuries, owing to the fact that people can eat the seeds. This has actually made this a popular crop throughout the world, which has changed the way that it is cultivated. The seeds can be easily dried and salted to make for a popular snack food. Some cultures have even identified other uses for the way that these flowers tend to be used. For instance, some people will tend to chew the stem or the leaves of the bulb.

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5 Popular Spring Flowers

Posted on March 4th, 2014 by Michelle Sarland

Spring is coming and the flowers will soon be blooming. If you're an avid gardener or if you're starting your very first flower bed, you'll be interested to know about some of the most popular varieties available to you. While there are a number of popular 2-3x flowers on the market, starting with these five varieties will certainly get your garden going.

1. Pansies

Gardeners love pansies, especially beginners, because these flowers are hearty. When they bloom in the spring, they show in a variety of different colors, from deep blues to bright yellows. They are often used to complement other flower varieties because they bloom from spring to fall. These popular 2-3x petals grow close to the ground and are often found front and center in a flower garden.

2. Periwinkle

The periwinkle's popular 2-3x purple petals can be perennial or annual. They will grow closer to the ground than the pansies and are often used for ground cover. They will make a garden bed or yard look colorful, but they need well-drained soil. They work best in looser soils. This flower will spread on its own through your yard, so if you want your whole yard covered, don't hold this plant back.

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Indoor Plant Care

Posted on February 22, 2014 by Michelle Sarland

Some people always claim that they cannot keep their indoor plants alive. They always claim to kill any houseplant they come in contact with. However, keep your indoor plants alive and healthy does not to be challenging. Plants needs water, light, support and air to survive.

If you are interested in purchasing and maintaining houseplants there are some easy things that you should know to help you gain your green thumb. First, it is important to know what type of plant you have. Most plants will have their traditional Latin name and their common name.

Most of the time the common name will be all that you need to research the best growing requirements for that specific plant. However, common names are not universal, so you may need to know the Latin name to find out more information.

A plant draws its energy and its nutrients from the sun. Usually, the reason a houseplant does not survive is due to light. A good rule to keep in mind is 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness. The best location for an indoor plant is in a window that faces south. This will allow it to receive the best sunlight for a longer period of time.

The strength of the sunlight is just as important as how long it is in the light. Plants will also need darkness to survive. They will need at least a few hours each night of darkness.

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How to Take Care of Delivered Roses

Posted on February 11, 2014 by Michelle Sarland

Opening the door to a box of roses is undoubtedly one of the loveliest gifts anyone can receive. Whether the flowers are for an anniversary, Valentine's Day, a birthday, Mother's Day, or 'just because,' few gifts are as universally appreciated as a dozen of this iconic flower is. Not only is it wonderful when you initially receive a flower delivery, but if properly cared for, it can last for days and days.

Red, white, pink, or yellow, a rose ranks high on as everyone's list of favorites. Follow these simple steps to keep your special flower delivery perfect.

Preparation upon Arrival

After opening your special surprise, you will need to lay all the flowers out on a paper towel on the counter. First, choose a vase or other watertight container in which you would like to display your blossoms. Be sure to wash it thoroughly if the vase has been in storage for a bit.

Add water and the included flower food to your vase. Be sure to follow the instructions on the flower food to insure proper mixture. The water level should come up to about three-quarters of the height stems for best results.

Next, you should determine the height you want your stems to be. Cut off any excess length with a sharp knife or floral shears. Cutting the stems at an angle will allow for maximum water absorption. Remove any foliage that will fall below the water line. Leaves that are left in the water will contribute to bacteria growth in the water and detract from the longevity of your arrangement.

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10 Tips for Sending Flowers on Valentines Day!

Posted on February 4, 2014 by Michelle Sarland

Valentine's Day is the opportunity for you to show how much you care, but you need to be prepared to make that day successful. Finding a dependable florist does not have to rely on the 'trial and error' method, which could easily ruin what you hope will be an impressive event.

The florist Service Provider is partnered with several shops near the delivery area to provide every customer with quick, reliable service at the most competitive pricing. Clients do not have to worry about product availability, quality, and delivery-on-time, because the Service Provider takes care of all those problems.

This saves customers the task of running all over town trying to find the best shop for their order. There are ten tips for ordering flowers and gifts from a Service Provider who can assure your order makes Valentine's Day a memorable one, in a good way! Rose In Hand

1. Early Ordering

Florists take and fill orders on a first come – first served basis. There will be a rush of last-minute orders, which usually demand higher fees to insure delivery. Ordering early helps to place you in a priority position over those who have to suffer these costs.

2. Discount Availability

Service Providers offer discount codes for specific circumstances, and finding the right provider could get you 10% off just for liking their Facebook page. Saving money, while getting great service, are just some of the benefits of using Service Providers.

3. Customer Reviews

The best way to investigate who you are dealing with is to check out their track record. Always look for website testimonials that give an insight to the Service Provider's credibility.

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The History of Valentines Day

Posted on January 28th, 2014 by Michelle Sarland

Today, February 14th is celebrated as the most romantic day of the year. Flowers, candy, cards, and special gifts are passed from one person to another. The origins of this holiday come from ancient Rome

Romans celebrated the goddess Juno ( queen of goddesses, women and marriage ) with a three day long feast, lasting from February 13th to 15th. The feast of Lupercalia, based on the story of twin brothers Romulus and Remus, consisted of sacrificing both a goat and a dog. Since this feast was a celebration of a man's right of passage, the men would then skin the animals and wear their skins. Skins were also used by priests to lash the women because it was thought to heighten their fertility. Women were then entered into a lottery of sorts where they were randomly placed with a man for the duration of the festival, or longer. These feasts proceeded until outlawed in 494 C.E. by Pope Gelasius I.

When Emperor Claudius II, the first of the soldier-oriented emperors, took over in the third century, he placed a ban on marriage for young men. With his eager ambition to build a strong army, he did not want the men to have a reason not to participate. A priest near Rome, Valentine, decided that this was not going to stop him from performing marriages. Couples secretly went to him to tie the knot, knowing that they could face death for their actions. For Valentine, this was his ultimate fate. The emperor placed him in prison, and this is where the modern practices of the holiday began to develop. While in prison, Valentine fell in love and wrote a sweet letter to his beloved, signed "From your Valentine." Soon after, he was beheaded on February 14th, near 270 A.D.. A second man with the same name was also killed on this date, but the year is unknown. Roughly 200 years later, Pope Gelasius declared this day St. Valentines Day.

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